• I will treat others’ projects and security the way I would like others to treat me.

  • I will work only on projects that I believe in, that have a greater purpose than simply creating a new product.

  • Do not take on projects that conflict with my personal ethics.

  • Give critical feedback only after asking permission to do so.

  • Provide direct and honest feedback, as talking around an issue will only make addressing an issue worse.

  • Always be transparent to users, especially in the realm of data usage.

  • Provide information on a product upfront, so trust can be built from the beginning of a product’s usage.

  • Always make time to give back to my community outside of work, as it is important to not be apart of the tech-bro stereotype.

  • I will not be able to work at 100% all the time, so it is important to be kind to myself.  As well as maintain that understanding for users and colleagues.

  • Sometimes not so great results come out of honest and ethical work, it is important not to beat myself up, but learn from the experience.

  • I, as well as my users, am human.  I need to remember that I am imperfect just as any other human.  And that is ok.

  • I shall remain teachable, open to learning new things and adjusting my own ethics as necessary along the way.


©2019 by Cassie Castrejon